The Bismarck Sapphire Necklace is One of the more well-known gemstone jewellery parts of our time. Countess Mona von Bismarck (1897-1983) was its former proprietor before she generously donated the priceless necklace on the Smithsonian Establishment's National Museum of Organic Heritage in 1967. In honor of her a must have donation, the Smithsonian… Read More

Ancient Supply of Lapis LazuliThe Central Asian state of Afghanistan is not merely a war-torn country, but is a location of beauty with a lengthy and fascinating history. Afghanistan stands between Asia and Europe and is particularly bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. The Hindu Kush Mountain Vary stretches w… Read More

Artwork Deco is often a style of artwork that followed Art Nouveau. Artwork Deco achieved its zenith inside the 1920s to 1930s and ongoing being well-known thereafter. Like Art Nouveau, it favored development and modernity. In reality, it was often called Design Moderne. Nevertheless, where Artwork Nouveau used flowing curves and refined colours, A… Read More

Victoire de Castellane's playful Dior Tête de Mort cranium rings and necklaces increase a whole new twist towards the very long custom of memento mori jewels. Dior tete de mort amethyst ring front perspective Cost £7650The custom of memento mori jewels dates again towards the 15th century when miniature bejewelled skulls and skeletons reminded th… Read More

Views expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their very own.Every single entrepreneur goals from the “major get” -- that major consumer or deal which propels your company forward to stratospheric results. Someday you’re struggling to produce payroll, the next day your enterprise can be a family name on par with These of Apple, Facebook or… Read More